I have a dream


From: Don Doerr Sr.

I have a dream! Dwight Eisenhower is President, and JFK is in the Senate. Abortion is illegal and seen as murder. Refugees have stopped coming to America, and there is no Nationality and Immigration Act. The Hmong are in Laos, and the Somalis are in Somalia. Bill and Hillary are not yet a threat, and there is no Planned Parenthood “baby parts supply store.” There is no Obama. There is no Ruby Ridge, Waco, 9-11, or Trojan horse refugee invasion force killing Americans. Social Security is a separate and protected fund, and everyone who can work is expected to work. My Catholic Church has not morphed into a “Consubstantial” appeasement institution with $300 annulments, and marriage is between a man and a woman who want and love children. Fries at McDonalds are 12 cents, and a burger is 15 cents. One can buy a Winchester 30-30 for $69.99. The new cars have style with tail fins, and Elvis bought his Mom a new pink Cadillac. We are on the gold standard, and the future looks very positive. I have a dream!


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