Vikings 38 – Redskins 30


From: Bernie Mayzek

Sounded like a Keenum and Thielen day
That’s how we like the Vikings to play
Keenum threw four touchdowns with 304 yards
Thielen caught eight passes for 166 yards

Thielen, Diggs, Morgan and Wright
Along with Murray: all touchdowns; what a sight
The second half interceptions were all Keenum did wrong
Soon we would hear the victory song

Forbath, this day, didn’t miss a kick
That really helped the Vikings to tick
Rudy, McKinnon, Ham and Sherells too
Had catches and runs; by then we knew

A win would come, with a great offense
Our defense did good; a win makes sense
Seven wins and two losses the standings show
Next week the Rams, “Go Vikings, go”


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