Senior Josie Huelskamp goes for two points against Bulldog defense.

Ramblers corner Plainview in the dog house


Olivia Gardner pushes past Plainview in the second half.
Olivia Gardner pushes past Plainview in the second half.


Cotter’s Lady Ramblers varsity basketball team kept up the good work they began in 2017 on Thursday, January 4, but they had to put in serious effort on a second-half scramble to get their win against the Plainview-Elgin-Millville Bulldogs. A firm 16-point lead in the first crumbed after the halftime break, and Plainview doggedly sunk shot after shot to kept the Ramblers racing.

The Bulldog bleachers were a rowdy place, but as the margin narrowed late in the game, the Ramblers’ bench got louder as well. A clock error late in the first half raised some hackles but neither team’s players got distracted, leaving that to the staff and fans; both Bulldogs and Ramblers were focused on the court. Sophomore Jordan Rubie (#20) and senior Josie Huelskamp (#15) kept the Lady Ramblers on top throughout; Huelskamp sunk a pair of free throws in the final minutes which solidified Cotter’s win, and almost immediately took a hard fall on the return but bounced back up and into play without hesitation. The Lady Ramblers went on to lose to the Rochester Lourdes Eagles over the weekend 64-46.


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