Celebrate Bike Month!


Winona’s bikers around town: Emily Krall

by Pam Eyden

Emily Krall, 31, manager of Blooming Grounds Coffeehouse in downtown Winona, likes biking for the freedom and convenience of it.

She usually bikes to work, at least when the weather’s good. She lives just a couple miles away and could easily drive or walk, but biking is best.

“I haven’t timed it, but biking is probably faster than driving,” she said. “Besides, the great thing is I don’t have to find a place to park! Before I got my bike I got lots of parking tickets. I work full time — having to move my car every two hours all day is no way to live.”

She also rides her bike to do errands, like to pick up a few things at Target. She carries purchases home in her backpack, which works fine, she said, because she’s not a person who likes to buy a lot of new stuff. She prefers the side streets and always rides defensively.

“I trust that no one will hit me, but I watch everything,” she said.

After work, Krall enjoys touring around Lake Winona, and then out to Prairie Island on a 13-mile loop near the river that passes the Minnesota City Boat Club and the airport.

Access to the natural world is one thing the barista loves about Winona. She recently moved here from Greenville, N.C., a city of 80,000, where the traffic was bad and biking was difficult.

“Greenville wasn’t bike-friendly at all. I had to drive a couple hours just to find a place to ride in nature. Here it’s so easy! There aren’t a lot of bike lanes in town, but Winona is surrounded by so much beauty.”

Krall bought her bike on Craigslist for $150 from someone whose family had had it for three generations. It’s a classic Schwinn, with original green paint, original logos and an original seat. She mostly rides alone now, but will soon have company — her four-year-old daughter is about ready to ride along!

May is Bike Month in Winona! Don’t miss the fun — check the Bike Month web page at www.visitwinona.com/may-is-bike-month to find out what’s happening.


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