Proud to be a Lion


From: Paul Halvorsen

Back in February, the Wisconsin State Assembly and Legislature declared the month of April 2018 as Wisconsin Lions Eyeglass Recycling Month. This was accomplished by many State Representatives and Senators with the idea coming from 27-B1 Dist. Governor, Lion Fred Gebhart.

Lions, through the years, have been known for their works regarding sight worldwide. Eyeglass recycling in Wisconsin began in 1990 when a grant from Lions Club International Foundation was approved to create our Wisconsin Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center in Rosholt, our Lions Camp. We are one of only 12 in the United States with only 18 in the world.

We serve our communities by screening children in our schools with eye charts and spot vision screeners. We continue to look for more children to screen so we may better serve our communities and in turn create a more prosperous life for our children by enabling them to see and learn at a younger age.

In closing, thank you to the people who live in these communities; I applaud you for your dedication to our Lions’ and Lioness’ organizations. There are innumerable individuals that you help you will never see. They are better because of you. You make a difference.


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