The people of Nicaragua long to be free


From: Dora Pelley
Fountain City

I bet you are wondering if things in Nicaragua are back to normal yet? Well, the answer is NO. We are not even close to normal. Recently, a friend of mine who escaped Nicaragua shared with me how she was threatened with death if she did not stay home with her children and continued to cause “trouble.” Many people are now in jail unjustly. Their crime: asking Daniel Ortega to stop killing, torturing, locking up youth illegally, and violating most every human right possible. In Nicaragua, you are now labeled a “terrorist” if you say anything that condemns or questions the behavior of the Ortega/Murillo government.

So what is it that Nicaraguans long for? They long to express freely their concerns, to not be afraid to go out on the street and be captured, tortured and jailed for simply speaking out against an unjust government. Who would want to live this way? In fear of those who are supposed to protect them? We want our young people in jail liberated; we want a police that protects us and not harm us. We want a government that does not think that they own Nicaragua and can do as they please, disregarding the concerns of its citizens.

The Nicaraguan people are not done protesting. THEY ARE NOT GIVING UP. Nothing in Nicaragua is normal — businesses, streets, tourism, schools — absolutely nothing. It is will continue in this way until Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo, along with all of their convenient followers are relieved from their positions of power, forever. Nicaraguans want the world to know that NOTHING IS NORMAL in their home country, and other countries speaking out and condemning a government who has violated every human right possible in the past five months are much needed.

As a proud Nicaraguan and U.S. citizen, and as a resident of Fountain City, I can tell you that my people WILL NOT GIVE up until they are free. We continue to bring hope to many there through your generous donations.

We are planning a musical evening and fair-trade goods fundraiser at the Acoustic Café, Winona, on Friday, October 12, from 6-10 p.m. to continue to raise funds to bring hope to the people of Nicaragua. I will continue to give you updates as I have in the past of where your monies are going and to what causes.

For now, I want to thank once again all the generous souls that have given to the Nicaraguan Relief Fund at Merchants Bank. We continue to take donations for needy Nicaraguans. We continue to support those who are hurting and in need from the ripple effects of a country that has been paralyzed and devastated due to unrest, killings and persecution. This is our cry: “We, the people of Nicaragua, long for a free Nicaragua, where we can walk without being persecuted and afraid, where our future generations will someday enjoy the beauty of our country once again, TRULY FREE!” Please help us by spreading the word!


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