Thanks for help with barn fire


Todd and Kim Ericksen
From: Pleasant Valley, Winona

A very heartfelt “thank you” to the motorist driving by our house at 4:30 a.m. on Monday morning, November 26, 2018. That person took the time to stop and pound on our door to wake us up and inform us that our barn was on fire. Thankfully there were no injuries; our house is fine and the horses are safe. It is so easy to think someone else will stop, or, they must already know what is happening. This person didn’t make that assumption and we are so very grateful.

Another huge “thank you” to the volunteer firefighters of Wilson Township. You men and women were awesome! Here is another case where it is easy for us to think others will volunteer for duty. These men and women were called out of their beds into a dark, cold, early morning to fight a fire and keep others safe.

Appreciate the help of family, friends and neighbors — from sandwiches for a quick meal to help restoring temporary electricity so animals can have non-frozen water — and offers of help wherever needed. Also, the important help of just thinking through things, which leads to the start of many trips to Fleet Farm when you realize the tools you need to fix things were all in the barn! Ahh … but it puts things in perspective: things are replaceable.


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