Letters: Thanks, Ms. Fairchild


From: Judith Clancy

Thank you Alima Fairchild for your response to Don Doerr’s letter. I had much the same feeling reading it as you. He appeared to be trying to emulate Trump in his nonsensical language and hate-filled rhetoric.

Trump can barely put a sentence together and replies on hyperbole to say anything.

The people referred to by Don Doerr as taking jobs away from Americans are the people who put the milk on the table — the people who pick your tomatoes and vegetables for your dinner. These people work for low wages and live in questionable conditions and are doing the jobs that you can’t get a white person to do. These are the people that take care of our elderly in nursing homes.

Five billion dollars would be better spent on the decaying infrastructure in this country. In some areas people die waiting for an ambulance to arrive because it has to keep turning around because of washed out bridges and roads. Put the money where it makes the most sense.


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