We have no freedom of education


From: Dick Gallien

You are beating on the same democratic compulsory system that John Holt concluded is not going to change, was not meant to change and whose purpose is not education; the same system that John Taylor Gatto documented as originating with the German Prussians as the most efficient system for “controlling, not educating” the masses; the same system whose well-schooled Germans allowed an Austrian school dropout to lead them into World War II; the same system that believes you can lead a herd of horses to the same watering hole and make them all look as though they are drinking through the use of threats, fear, psychological humiliation and bribes, resulting in products who believe hate radio, Fox News and elected Trump.

More parents are deciding not to subject their kids to the CAFO “prisoner-guard” relationship conditions of school. We may have freedom of religion, but not freedom of education. Groups of homeschoolers, the unschooled and the Alliance for Self Directed Learning are expanding. The abilities of most are squashed when caged in assembly line, forced-fed situations.


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