Pictured from left are (front row) Jack Walters, Sam Wantock, Emily Tullis, Vivienne Warner, Hailey Biesanz, (back row) Aubrey Williams, Grace Miller, Nadia Hocum, and Hunter Ramsden.

Cotter speech team wins sub-section, section meets


Pictured from left are (front row) Martin Kim, Hunter Ramsden, Alison French, Ellie Hutmacher, Jon Weltzien, Tess Mullen, (back row) Megan Zenke and Hannah Graff.
Pictured from left are (front row) Martin Kim, Hunter Ramsden, Alison French, Ellie Hutmacher, Jon Weltzien, Tess Mullen, (back row) Megan Zenke and Hannah Graff.


The Cotter speech team won the sub-section title by more than 150 points at Wabasha-Kellogg! Thirty-eight speakers (36 entries) of the 46 competitors advanced to the section meet in Byron, Minn. Cotter also had eight sub-section champions: Martin Kim, discussion; Jon Weltzien, drama; Tess Mullen, extemporaneous reading; Hannah Graff, extemporaneous speaking; Ellie Hutmacher, informative; Alison French, poetry; Hunter Ramsden, prose; and Megan Zenke, storytelling.

Cotter students who advanced to sections include Aidan Carlson, second, creative expression; Peter Badciong, fifth, creative expression; Kim, first, discussion; Hailey Biesanz, third, discussion; Weltzien, first, drama; Sarah Sun, second, drama; Vivienne Warner, fourth, drama; Sarah Zhu, fifth, drama; Jack Walters and Sam Wantock, second, duo; Rylie Liston and Allyssa Williams, sixth, duo; Mullen, first, extemp reading; Aubrey Williams, second, extemporaneous reading; Gabe Welch, third, extemporaneous reading; Megan Costello, fifth, extemporaneous reading; Hannah Graff, first, extemporaneous speaking; Bryce Tienter, second, extemporaneous speaking; Daniel Barber, fourth, extemporaneous speaking; Cecelia Galke, second, great speeches; Abby Briggs, fifth, great speeches; Sam King, fourth, humorous; Hutmacher, first, informative; Choco Li, second, informative; Mary Row, third, informative; Grace Miller, second, original oratory; Grace Finnerty, third, original oratory; Viva Graff, fourth, original oratory; Emily Tullis, fifth, original oratory; French, first, poetry; Angela Zhen, fifth, poetry; Ramsden, first, prose; Lexi Licheng, second, prose; Nadia Hocum, fourth, prose; Olivia Moore, fifth, prose; Zenke, first, storytelling; James Greshik, third, storytelling; and Zeke Stutesman, sixth, storytelling.


Nine Cotter speakers will advance in eight events to the state speech meet on Friday, April 12. The team had 19 out of 38 speakers advance to finals and earn section medals. Those medalists earned enough points for the team to take the Section 1A Runner-up trophy. Those placing in the top three and advancing to state are Biesanz, Warner, Walters and Wantock, Aubrey Williams, Miller, Tullis, Ramsden, and Hocum.
Cotter Section medalists: Badciong, fifth-place medalist, creative expression;
Biesanz, third-place medalist, state qualifier, discussion;
Warner, third-place medalist, state qualifier, drama;
Walters and Wantock, second-place medalists, state qualifiers, duo;
Aubrey Williams, first-place medalist, state qualifier, extemporaneous reading;
Welch, fourth-place medalist, extemporaneous reading;
 Mullen, fifth-place medalist, extemporaneous reading;
Costello, sixth-place medalist, extemporaneous reading;
Hannah Graff, fourth-place medalist, extemporaneous speaking; Galke, sixth-place medalist, great speeches;
Li, fifth-place medalist, informative;
Miller, second-place medalist, state qualifier, original oratory;
Tullis, third-place medalist, state qualifier, original oratory;
Viva Graff, fourth-place medalist, original oratory;
French, fourth-place medalist, poetry;
Ramsden, second-place medalist, state qualifier, prose;
Hocum, third-place medalist, state qualifier, prose;
Licheng, fifth-place medalist, prose;
and Zenke, sixth-place medalist, storytelling.


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