Just drive it once and you will see


From: Jim Streiff
WE Valley, Winona

Thanks to Chris Rogers for the story about Winona County’s 2019 road projects, especially the “widening Goodview Road,” 44th Avenue to Highway 61, a project that has been long overdue and is greatly appreciated.

It would be interesting to see what the city of Winona has planned for Goodview Road from 44th Avenue to Highway 14. This section of Goodview Road has approximately 450 vehicles travel it a day. Pedestrians and bicyclists regularly have to dodge traffic, or cars follow them like SAG vehicles. By mid-summer, trees hang over the road and you have to swerve to miss them. When two vehicles meet in the narrow sections drivers have to slow to a snails pace in order to pass each other.

For the past decade there have been no improvements to this section of road other than to fill and patch potholes and the cement entry for trucks to the sand-processing plant. Drive it a couple times and you will need to get your vehicle’s front end realigned.

Forty-fourth Avenue across Boilers Lake belongs to city of Goodview, 44th Avenue to Highway 61 belongs to Winona County, and 44th Avenue to Highway 14 belongs to the city of Winona. Drive it once and you can see the difference on how they are maintained.


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