Let’s go fly a kite! Earth Day kite workshop


Celebrate Earth Day and spring with a kite-making workshop on Wednesday, April 17, from 4-6 p.m. at the Winona Arts Center, 228 East Fifth Street. All materials needed to make, paint and fly the kites will be provided. A white 18˝x 21˝ sail will be the support for each participant to paint their kite with their own unique design. Allow 1.5-2 hours to complete the kite. Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult. Young children may need an adult or older teen to assist them or work together on their kites.

The fee is $5 per kite for Winona Arts Center members and $10 for non members. Pre-registration is advised to assure a place in the workshop, which is limited to 12 participants. Some scholarships are available for children — please inquire. Register by calling Mary Coughlan at 608-525-0050 or emailing WinonaArtsCenter@gmail.com. Please provide your name and contact information.

Sled kites are one of the simple and traditional kite designs that many people recognize. They are super easy to build, easy to fly, and very stable. Sled kites are composed of a simple flat sail with at least two spars. Spars can be solid or they can be inflated fabric spars. Generally, the spars run parallel to one another from the leading edge of the kite to the trailing edge. (Sometimes they taper toward one another at the tail) They have a simple bridle that attaches to the winged portion of the sail past the spars. Most sleds have some form of tail to help give the kite stability.

Sled kite history

The sled kite was invented and patented by American William Allison in the 1950s. This kite helped pave the way for a class of kites known as “semi-rigid.” Sled kites have been used for kite aerial photography, fishing, and for lifting line laundry. Sleds are stable enough to lift an anglers line and take it further out to sea, allowing the fisherman to achieve greater distances. Photographers are able to obtain amazing overhead shots of landscapes, scenery, and events.


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