Matter of Faith: ‘This is my body … this is my blood’


From: Mary Zimmerman

Perhaps that’s a hard saying to understand for some, but God said those very words when he said the first mass with his Apostles and started his church. If we can’t believe God, whom can we believe? If he lied about that, then I’d have to say not believe anything else He said, but we know He is God in the way, the truth and the life, so we must be comfortable with what Holy Mother Church teaches.

We can’t always say seeing is believing — we don’t see our hair or fingernails grow, but we know they do. The bread and wine appear the same, but God gave priests the power/grace to make that change into the body and blood of Jesus. That’s why we make such a big deal over preparing young children to receive their first Holy Communion.

As human beings, Holy Communion has the power to transform our lives. It’s our strength when we are striving to hang on to what is good, right and moral in our lives, giving us the spiritual strength to travel a way of life leading us toward our Heavenly home. On Earth we have a house, or place we call “home.” We try to keep our houses neat and clean to welcome visitors when they come, so we, too, need to keep our spiritual houses (our souls) clean and pure to welcome our greatest guest, God, into our lives.

Know God, know peace; no God, no peace. When we sin, God is always waiting for us to invite Him back again. We do this by telling Him how sorry we are to have broken off our friendship. What does Jesus say? There is more joy in Heaven for the one who repents.

Let us welcome Jesus into our hearts. When we hear the words “ body of Christ … blood of Christ,” respond, “Amen” (I do believe).


I questioned myself on writing this article, concerned it may be too “Catholic,” but decided my Protestant readers wouldn’t mind. Although I pray for church unity, but as Catholics we need to be more dedicated to understanding and appreciating God’s gift of the Holy Eucharist.

As always, this was written with inspiration from the Holy Spirit. I can only hope I have helped in bringing some a closer relationship to God. Thank you my readers, and remember He loved us first. Let us love Him in return.

As Jesus said to Sister Josefa Menendez, “I have many souls who love me and belong to me. A single one of them can purchase pardon for a great many others who are cold and ungrateful.”


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