Saint Mary’s alumni and Harlem rapper disrupts hip-hop scene



The busy streets of Harlem create sounds that a young child has had ringing in his ears for 23 years. Growing up, Omar Diongue listened subconsciously, getting ready to write it all down and produce the beats that made him come alive. After his extended play release on February 13, he has become a new face for Harlem, N.Y., revamped and ready to take his music to the global ears.

St. Mary’s alumni Diongue is a first-generation Senegalese-American born in the concrete jungle from which he has had tremendous success. Hyped up by his friends he swung deep into the music industry and caught the attention of more than just music but modeling agencies such as Mint Management.

Although his EP has been released, he does not want to stop. He is hoping to finish another two projects by June. Furthermore, his latest goals have been managing and establishing a headquarters for himself and his team. Looking into the future, Diongue is set on performing at Lollapalooza after acquiring a larger fan base. This is all part of a vision that he wants which also includes six platinum studio albums.

He has started once again an old hobby that he was very fond of growing up, reading. Currently, he is reading “Ishmael” by Daniel Quinn. His love for reading is clearly shown in his rapping as Diongue expands his knowledge and repertoire to make his rhymes flow and his message clear. All the love and expression is a testament to who Omar Diongue is, a rapper based out of Harlem, shaping the new scene of Harlem, the new scene of hip hop.


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