Thanks for all the help with Strawberry Fest


From: Sherri Wendland

Thank you to everyone who helped or attended Strawberry Fest at Sinclair Park on June 9! The rain held off, and we were blessed with a wonderful day!

We very much appreciate the use of equipment and/or space from: the city of Winona, Hope Lutheran High School, and the businesses that donated.

All the committee chair people deserve recognition: Ruth (and Steve) Badciong, Lorna Fraztke, Jayda Garrison, Autumn Herber, Sheryl Klug, Kesala Morrell, Mandy Rusert, Nicole Severson, David and Debbie Volkmann (and family!), and the staff at both the church and school — especially Lois, Missy, John, Sharon and Pastor Moore. Thanks to the talented musical entertainers that delighted the people throughout the afternoon and to Jim Huffman for doing the sound! I can’t say thank you enough to all the volunteers on Friday, Saturday morning, and, of course, on Sunday from 6 a.m. setup to 6 p.m. cleanup — anyone who donated things or allowed us to borrow items for use.

Special thanks to the community members that came to the park to eat great chicken, enjoy the strawberry desserts, play games, listen to the music and generally just have a great time socializing and enjoying the day! Hope to see you in 2020 on June 14!


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