A must-read article on public education


From: Don Evanson
Minnesota City

This is a very lengthy read, but please check it out: https://www.thenewatlantis.com/publications/can-liberal-education-survive-liberal-democracy. Some of it reminds me what my kids used to tell me of their rides on their school buses.

I am not previously aware of its publisher, but thank you for publishing it.

Since I oftentimes rail against the “academy running amok” on social media (where Winona’s Jerome Christiansen and I are oftentimes at “loggerheads”), I must say that it is redeeming that the academy — coupled with the author’s heritage — has produced this author.

I rarely (maybe never) trivialize the word love or its derivatives by using it outside the context of human and religious relationships, but I will use it here. I “loved” reading this article; its author has a new fan.

Please don’t let this distract you from completely absorbing the article — if we are to have publicly financed public education, it must be through equal “freedom” vouchers to all.

An excerpt:

“In swearing ‘by the dog,’ Socrates lets us know that he defines man not as a political animal, but as a companion animal to the divine.”


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