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August 11, 1962, was moving day at Winona Health


Patients moved from Winona General Hospital to the new hospital at current location on Mankato Avenue

In 2019, Winona Health is celebrating 125 years of community-focused health care.

August 11, 1962, marked a major milestone in the community’s history: patients were moved out of the Winona General Hospital and into the new hospital in its current location at 855 Mankato Avenue in Winona.

“When you move an entire hospital, supplies, equipment and PATIENTS, it’s truly a tremendous task. Moving day for Winona General Hospital was a happy experience because it proved that no task is impossible or too difficult when everyone concerned joins in the effort to accomplish what needs to be done. Such was the case on our moving day when citizens of Winona joined the personnel of the hospital, providing equipment, know-how and unselfish determination, with astonishing results. Patients were given their breakfasts at Winona General and whisked to Community Memorial Hospital with a wonderful amount of tender loving care (and a great deal of thoughtful planning) with plenty of time to get settled in before luncheon in the new hospital.”

- Excerpt from the hospital’s publication: “What Goes Here”

Winona Health traces its roots to 1894 when a dedicated group of physicians and community members pulled together to raise funds to convert the old Langley Home, which was located at the corner of Sanborn and Winona streets, into an 18-bed hospital. Since then, generations of community members have been committed to supporting and strengthening local health care services. Thanks to that commitment, Winona Health has continuously evolved to meet the community’s needs, and today it is recognized among the Top 100 Small & Rural Hospitals in the nation.

“As an independent community-focused health care provider, we’re especially fortunate that those who came before us saw the need for a local hospital,” said Rachelle Schultz, Winona Health president/CEO. “The sign of a thriving organization is its ability to evolve with the times. Through the years, Winona Health has demonstrated a remarkable ability to meet the needs of the time, and we’re excited about the services we’re providing to the community today and what’s new to come this year and into the future.”

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