Vikes, 28 — Falcons, 12


rom: Bernie Mayzek

Run, run run! That’s what Cook can do.
Gaining many yards, scoring touchdowns, too.
The football season, it did begin,
Vikes came up with a super win!

We started the game out with a sack.
What can we say, the Vikes are back!
Over 100 yards rushing by Delvin Cook,
Two touchdowns by him, that’s all it took!

Thielen had a touchdown at the start of the game
Cousins ran one in, and our win, it came.
All four turnovers turned into touchdowns today.
Harris got two interceptions and a fumble, hooray!

So, next Sunday, we play the Packers at noon.
Hope at the end we can sing a great tune.
Today’s score was Falcons 12, Vikes 28.
I guess our first win calls for us to celebrate.


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