Democracy needs give and take


From: Paul B. Double

As with any legislation, negotiation is the fundamental process that leadership for both parties needs to wrap up a deal where both win something for their respective bases. Without that process, we end in a race to nowhere — like running a relay race in circles, having one foot nailed to the floor. Both teams waiting and waiting to hand off the task to the next relay runner and expecting a different result is a pipe dream since the process of give and take is fundamental for our republic to work.

The bigger the issues the bigger the deal is needed to make it work. Is gun registration a big enough issue to trade for border control? Does the deal get sweeter with an AR and AK riffle buyback program for immediate deportation of all illegal aliens? Would a national background check e-verification for employment and severe hiring fines for illegals be a tradeoff for national voter registration e-verification screening?

The bigger the end result, the bigger the deal, and the congressional task leaders need to move the ball and country forward. True leaders are those in power willing to take the hit to move the ball — even if it may cost them their next election. Being bull headed by either party is just BS for both!


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