Postmaster sentence was far too light


From: Lois Peterson

In the October 20 edition of the Winona Post I received the answer to a question that had gone unanswered for months regarding the former Winona postmaster.

A few months ago I had sent my daughter a card with an Uber gift card in it. She lives in Chicago, where she works one full-time job and two part-time jobs, frequently working 50 hours and upward per week. I thought the card would be a little help in getting her to her second and third jobs which occur during evening hours. She has lived in Chicago for 13 years and I had never before had her not receive mail that I had sent her. This piece did not make it however.

I was surprised by some information in the October 20 article. For the crime of felony destruction of mail by a Postal Service employee she received the extremely light sentence of two years probation, 80 hours of community service, $5 restitution and a $100 fine! While investigators found over 1,000 pieces of undelivered letters in her office she claimed she had only stolen mail fewer than a dozen times.

Attorneys Erica MacDonald and Jordan Sing stated the case was about holding public employees accountable so the restitution totaling $105 and probationary sentence reflected the seriousness of this offense. Who believes that? Western Area Field Office Special Agent John Masters stated that the sentence sent a clear message that mail theft is a federal crime and caries serious consequences. Who believes this sentence reflects any form of a serious consequence? I am personally doing 80 hours of community service this fall and I have not even committed a felony.

I believe most Postal workers are hard working and honest yet in this case Genkinger received a pass on any serious consequence for her criminal activities. Her light sentence came at the cost of other hard-working individuals that also work long hours and had the misfortune of having their mail go through her sticky hands.


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