Matter of Faith: Good advice? Yes! Eternally!


From: David Foss

Let’s say this: A man comes to your house and gives you a book. Then he tells you that if you follow the instructions in this book, your lifespan will be increased by 30 years.
Now, would you keep this wonderful news to yourself? Would you not tell (if you were married) your wife or husband, children, brothers, sisters, relatives, and friends about this marvelous book? If you didn’t tell anyone, you would probably be considered selfish, thoughtless, unconcerned, or uncaring.

Wouldn’t everyone want a copy of this marvelous book? Absolutely! After all, being able to add 30 years to one’s lifespan would be “great” and “joyous” news. However, there is probably a book in nearly everyone’s home that promises eternal life if we follow its instruction. This “most important” book may be collecting dust in many homes. It is not being read. What is this book that promises eternal life? It is the Bible.

Except you repent!

God says in Luke 13:3b unless you “repent,” you will all also perish. To where? It’s quite obvious.

What must we do so that we are not sent to a place of unending torment? Here it is: John 5:24; Luke 13:3; John 11:25-26.


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