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From: Sam Streukens

During the 2018 election, I was a student at WSU and had my first organizing experience by volunteering for then Democratic candidate for Governor, Tim Walz. I chose to intervene against the divisive politics Trump and others use to gain support for their shortsighted policies.

I was communicating directly with neighbors and friends, inviting them to discussions on the cost of higher education, skyrocketing medical expenses, and increasing disasters from climate change that all affect this community. I had fun working for the Winona DFL, and my perception of politics was changed from the depressed feeling I felt after Trump’s victory.

Since being elected, Walz has been a powerful voice for all Minnesotans like he was as the congressman for Minnesota’s First Congressional District. However, this seat was lost to Representative Hagedorn, who pits us against neighbors and is beholden to corporate PAC money. He also has failed to stand for farmers on the issues of tariffs and ethanol markets, to address access to medical care, and take action on protecting our natural resources while denying the existence of climate change. Dan Feehan is opposing him again after only losing by 1,311 votes.

Dan has lived a life of service as a former soldier and teacher, and I know him as humble and determined. He listens to the most important issues facing our farmers, those facing rising prescription drug prices, and students dealing with debt by visiting college campuses and communities across the District. He acknowledges climate change is a threat to our national security and the most important issue facing future generations, and he will take action by consulting the agricultural community and investing in renewable energy to ensure our economy is strong. Finally, Dan’s campaign is built on grassroots support, so he will represent Southern Minnesotans in Congress.


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