God give them the wisdom


From: Dean Nuszloch



As I have been observing the Democrats’ vigorous attempt to impeach our 45th president, I have come to realize their fanatical attack is bigger than just that. The Democrats, along with the corrupt media, have orchestrated a very diabolical scheme to impeach our Constitution and judicial system. Through the House of Representatives, the Democrats have taken away the rights we all have in our Constitution. By lying and preventing the president his rights under our Constitution, they are denying its citizens also. If the Democrats get away in taking away the president of the United States his Constitutional rights, they surely will take away your Constitutional rights. The backbone of our justice system is based on the assumption of innocence. The Democrats and the nefarious media operate under the concept that you are guilty until you prove your innocence as we proceed in this impeachment trial. It will be up to the Senate to stop this corrupt attempt to destroy this great republic. I prayed that all members of the Senate set aside their political bias and cast their vote to maintain and preserve all the rights we have under our Constitution, which keeps this republic great. God give them the wisdom.


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