Pictured from left are champions Gabe Welch, Maddy McConville, Alison French, Claire Miller, Grace MIller, Hannah Graff, and Hunter Ramsden.

Cotter speech team sweeps competition


The Cotter speech team competed in Kasson over the weekend and won the entire competition by over 100 points. Team members earned a combined 51 awards including eight students winning 10 overall category champions!


Category champions

•    Hunter Ramsden, drama and humorous

•    Alison French and Maddy McConville, duo

•    Gabe Welch, extemporaneous reading

•    Hannah Graff, extemporaneous speaking

•    Aubrey Williams, great speeches

•    Grace Miller, original oratory and prose

•    Alison French, poetry

•    Claire Miller, storytelling


Team member awards

Creative expression

Aidan Carlson, fourth

Megan Zenke, fifth


Martin Kim, second

Hailey Biesanz, third

Luke Broghammer, sixth


Hunter Ramsden, first

Lexi Licheng, third

Olivia Moore, fourth

Savanna Welter, fifth

Angela Zhen, sixth


Alison French/Maddy McConville, first

Sam Wantock/Jack Walters, second

Hunter Ramsden/Hannah Graff, fourth

Olivia Moore/Nadia Dieterman, sixth

Extemporaneous reading

Gabe Welch, first

Aubrey Williams, third

Extemporaneous speaking

Hannah Graff, first

Hailey Biesanz, second

Grace Finnerty, third

Bryce Tienter, fourth

Morgan Arnold, fifth

Daniel Barber, sixth

Great speeches

Aubrey Williams, first

Delilah Jean, fifth (tie)

Yusuf Kuklinski, fifth (tie)

Eva Stango, fifth (tie)


Hunter Ramsden, first

Sam King, second

Maddy McConville, third

Nico Stern, fourth

River Repinski, fifth


Nick Walechka, second

Mary Row, fifth

Original oratory

Grace Miller, first

Grace Finnerty, third

Sophia Stango, fourth

Fiona McColl, sixth


Alison French, first

Angela Zhen, second

Viva Graff, fifth


Grace Miller, first

Cecilia Galke, second

Jack Walters, third

Maddie Kohner, fourth


Claire Miller, first

Jonah Heckman, second

Mila Goodwin, fifth


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