Hurry Back Productions (HBP) announces ‘Helping You 2 Hurry Back’ assistance program


Hurry Back Productions, a nonprofit organization, is unveiling a program designed to provide funds directly to individuals and families in the Winona area directly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.  It’s called “Helping You 2 Hurry Back,” and begins effective Monday, March 23. 

The program offers one-time financial grants to assist individuals and families who live or work in the Winona area and are in need of emergency funds. HBP will make payments directly to the service provider that needs payment, based on the specific request. Services such as rent/house payments, utility bills, medical bills, and grocery cards are all examples of what this program will assist with. Grants are expected to have a maximum value of $500 initially.

Group One is aimed at helping those affected by the school closures. HBP is welcoming requests from those who are experiencing a reduction in income as a result of the mandatory school closures. Grant recipients can include part-time employees who were laid off due to school closure and also individuals who are now staying home with children and unable to work.

Group Two is aimed at helping those affected by the restaurant/bar/public accommodation closures that went into effect on March 17. Group Two requests are encouraged from those with reduced or eliminated incomes as a result of the March 17 closures. One example includes employees of businesses no longer able to offer on-site food/beverage consumption whose income is affected by the new regulations. A second example includes artists and musicians relying on performances in theaters and other public venues as a main source of income, as well as employees of those venues.

Individuals and families from these groups who are experiencing unexpected expenses and budget strain are strongly encouraged to submit a request. As additional measures are announced to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, HBP will be opening up additional areas eligible for support.

There are some procedures that HBP is required to make clear as part of this program.

Requests should be submitted only to All requests must be made in writing, using email, to ensure safety and tracking of requests. Requests may be made by an individual seeking assistance or an advocate/agency on behalf of that individual. Requests should include a brief description of how the individual or family has been affected and the assistance desired. Requests also need to include a personal or professional reference.  Organizers are required to follow these steps to provide documentation on every case and to verify the validity of each request.

HBP will attempt to assist anyone who reaches out. Assistance is subject to the order that requests are received and available funds. The organization would like to assist if it has the ability to. However, submitting a request does not guarantee assistance.  

Inspiration for this program comes from Hurry Back friend Mick Sterling and his Twin Cities-based 30 Days Foundation. Sterling has been doing this work since 2011 and has helped over 80,000 families.

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