Matter of Faith: Jesus died at the hands of police


From: Alima Fairchild



Is this the Biblical “tribulations”? Is this the end of civilization or the end of the world?

Some people believe these things. These people also mostly believe in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who said, “the kingdom of heaven is inside you and all around you, and you won’t see it.” Many of them believe in the “devil” (better translated “adversary”) to whom they attribute as much power as God over their eternal souls.

This is very bad theology. God is the only being in whom we live and move and have our being. We can choose to acknowledge our unity with God and all of creation, or we can say to ourselves “I have no power to choose heaven. I cannot do anything to change the earth. Things will keep getting worse until evil takes over and the few of us who are ‘saved’ will get to leave the planet for a new Jerusalem where the streets are paved with gold.” Really?

As the history of race relations shows, progress is slow, but it does happen. In my youth a majority of Americans approved the Civil Rights movement. Today, two-thirds of Americans and countries around the world support today’s demonstrations. In another generation or two, the vast majority of us will be “colorblind,” God willing.

What will end if people of God from every race and religion insist upon it, is the power of hateful people to control the world’s dialogue. What is ending for those people is an unearned, undeserved sense of unquestioned superiority. Truly, they will live in Hell if they don’t repent, and let go of this false comfort that discounts the majority of the world and even of Americans. To hoard the world’s wealth and lose one’s soul is what leads a person to darkness.

Love, like that of Jesus, who ate with lepers and tax collectors and died at the hands of the police at the day, is what leads us to the kingdom of heaven.


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