Republicans’ true colors


From: Steve Schild



At the national, state and local level, Republicans are showing their true colors — not red but yellow— in their cowardly silence about, their abject refusal to acknowledge the outcome of the 2020 elections.

Joe Biden got at least six million more votes than Donald Trump. Courts have thrown out Trump lawsuits almost as fast as they’re filed, generally because they have no evidence of fraud or irregularities. Recounts reinforce the result that Biden won.

The degree of Republican desperation and looniness would be laughable if not so dangerous. For example, in Michigan, Trump wanted to throw out votes from counties he lost — but was perfectly willing to keep votes from counties he’d won. Closer to home, it’s equally ludicrous that U.S. Rep. Jim Hagedorn says he won his election but won’t admit that Biden won and Trump lost. Also conspicuous in their silence are Republican mega-donors. Are they so afraid of Trump that they won’t utter the obvious truth?

The bottom line is that today’s Republicans really don’t believe in free and fair elections — unless they win. The Republican Party did everything it could at every level to suppress voting, especially by minority groups, and when they failed in their best efforts to do the worst thing possible to our sacred system of voting, they had nothing left to do but lie — or say nothing at all.

When Republicans call themselves the party of Lincoln, Honest Abe must be shouting curses from his grave.


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