Fresh Art Tour celebrates spring and new beginnings


For many who make Lake Pepin a summer destination, the little art gallery on the waterfront had always been a fixture. The comfortable space known as BNOX Gold & Iron welcomed visitors for over 22 years to the Village of Pepin, Wis.

Part of the appeal of BNOX Gold & Iron was the personal nature of a small gallery in an intimate setting. Nearly as soon as it opened in 1993 representing 12 artists, patrons learned not to be surprised when a stray kitten strolled through the open front door, or when an employee found it necessary to bring a struggling baby lamb to work with her. That human touch combined with a beautifully curated space let people know that they had indeed found a special place to experience captivating art and to meet a new friend. “Designing and collaborating with other artists was a great deal of fun,” said jewelry designer and gallery owner Rebecca Paquette. “It was a joy and an inspiration to have that amazing variety of artwork pass through my hands at the gallery, but the best part was getting to know the artists and clients personally.”

With a knowing smile she continued, “I originally had my workbench in the front of that store, only to realize that the complicated work stages of jewelry design called for a more isolated workspace. I eventually had to move my workbench to the back.” Her busy studio was growing. At one point in the store’s history, Paquette’s gallery represented nearly 150 artists.

That need for a quiet workspace became a recurring theme for Paquette, but it came as a surprise to many of its patrons, when in 2015, BNOX Gold & Iron closed its doors and seemingly vanished.

Actually, BNOX never left Pepin. Paquette had a vision, and made plans to transition to a home studio and showroom. Construction took two years, and produced small mountains of old foundation stone that Paquette tirelessly turned into beautiful terraced gardens. The new space blends perfectly into its surroundings and appears as though it has always been a part of the 19th century home that Paquette shares with her family. “This home studio has been a gift for my family and for me. I do miss my customers, but I find myself feeling quite sure that my hands were made to create. The lapsing hours of inventing and processing concepts from beginning to end with the final product in hand is satisfying,” she said. “Proudly showing that same piece to a visitor gives me a feeling of true gratification. There is nothing else I am more certain of.”

An intense appreciation of place has inspired Paquette’s most recent jewelry designs. From strolls through her gardens and down the village streets of Pepin, Paquette has gathered spring’s tiny delicate branch tips and autumn’s textured seedpods, and has cast them into sterling silver. Her hope is that you will notice their intricate textures in her work and understand the significance of changing seasons and new beginnings.

BNOX Jewelry Studio, a private studio featuring the work of Paquette and other designers, is open by appointment, with occasional open house hours announced via Facebook. Describing her first open house in fall 2017 and surprise visits by loyal customers, Paquette said, “I met their children in the shop, and now I am meeting their grandchildren! It feels so good to be a part of those family traditions.”

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Paquette offered this little teaser about the name of her business: “BNOX was a term of endearment that my husband’s grandparents, Burton and Erma [Newcomb] Smith, used to sign off with in love letters to each other. They even painted it on their canoe when they eloped in Menomonie and paddled down the Red Cedar River. The meaning behind the term, however, remains a mystery to this day.”

BNOX Jewelry Studio is site number nine on this spring’s Fresh Art Tour, a self-guided tour to 13 studios and galleries of Lake Pepin and the Chippewa River Valley of Western Wisconsin, taking place on June 1, 2, and 3, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. You can find more artist information and an interactive map at

Artists and galleries included in the tour

Jean Accola, Accola Gallery, Durand, Wis.
Art Gannett and Barbara Andersen, Little Plum Pottery, Pepin, Wis.
Linda Day and Bruce Dunlap, Day/Dunlap Studio, Arkansaw,Wis.
Richard Lee
Kathy Broadbent
Cultural Cloth, Maiden Rock, Wis.
Gail Pommerening
Kaye Luetke, Flaming Fire Art Studio, Maiden Rock, Wis.
Pat Kolman
Mark Lasardi
David Meixner, Backwaters Studio, Bay City, Wis.
Gary “Chris” Christopherson
The Village of Stockholm and its participating galleries
Abode Gallery, Stockholm, Wis.
Indigo Swan Jewelry and Fine Art & Ann Mooney Designs
The Purple Turtle Artisan Collective
Sarah Smith Prokosch and Dan Prokosch, Humble Moon Folkstead, Stockholm, Wis.
Matt Anderson
Mavis Kjarland
Rebecca Paquette, BNOX Jewelry Studio, Pepin, Wis.
Judy Knose
Kendra Gebbia Baillie, Pleasant Corner Schoolhouse, Stockholm, Wis.
Cindy King
Virginia Spurrier-Streitz
Eric Holey
Kevin Olson


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