Pictured is Kim Vaughter, sidewalk chalk drawing.

Chalk art participation and demonstration


In conjunction with Kim Vaughter’s exhibition “Vicious Sweetheart,” the Winona Arts Center will host a chalk art demonstration and participation workshop on Saturday, June 23, from noon to 5 p.m.

Vaughter will conduct a live demonstration of chalk art, and supplies will be available for people to participate if they desire. Supplies are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Registration is recommended. This event is an opportunity to invite local artists to try their hand at displaying their creativity with sidewalk art using colored chalk. Vaughter will give a presentation about sidewalk art at 7 p.m. during her exhibit reception on June 15 with a reception from 6-8 p.m. It is suggested that participants bring a prepared image to use as a reference for the workshop.

All adult artists age 18 and up may participate individually or as a team.

Young artists participants ages 12-17 can register as an individual or team. Artists 13 and under must be teamed with an adult. The adult may help or just be there to support to the young artist.

Why might you register a team? One goal is to involve as many artists as possible! Some artists new to the medium may underestimate the difficulty and time commitment in putting chalk to pavement.

There are spaces for up to 15 individuals/teams who will work within one to three sidewalk squares as space is available. Registration for the event is $20 for an individual or a team of two, which includes a set of soft pastel (48 colors) chalks. Additional individual chalks may be purchased during the event. Registration closes when all spots are filled. To register, contact Mary Coughlan at 608-525-0050 or email WinonaArtsCenter@gmail.com.


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