Campaign for Legalization to host meeting


The Minnesota Campaign for Full Legalization is co-hosting the March Monthly Movement Meeting — along with Minnesota Veterans for Cannabis Founder Jeremy Sankey and Island City Brewing Company — at Island City Brewing Company, 65 East Front Street in Winona.

Join this month’s gathering on March 23 from 2-4 p.m. to “Educate and Rally for Full Legalization of Cannabis: a Healing Plant, Not a Crime.”

“Do you want cannabis legalized in Minnesota? Prohibition is the problem, not cannabis, and full legalization is the only solution,” said executive director of the Minnesota Campaign for Full Legalization Marcus Harcus.

“We’ll be in Winona in March, where we hope to engage community members who support full legalization in a discussion about ending cannabis prohibition in our state. We’re organizing a statewide grassroots campaign to demand full legalization from our state legislators and governor, and we can’t do it without Greater Minnesota. We’re the ones we’ve been waiting for, so we need you there to help us build the power to win this fight for personal freedom, increasing public safety, improving public health, and creating economic development statewide,” he continued.

Those who are as yet undecided or against legalization are welcome to join as well.

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