A Matter of Faith: Resurrected


From: T.M. Schoewe

The odds of you winning a million-dollar lottery are really small. But, you can be a winner on the big Judgment Day coming up. Any odds or luck will have nothing to do with it. One of the “big rocks” having to do with Christ’s resurrection is that you will be resurrected.

Your winning ticket was purchased for you and that includes all your debt (sins) were paid in full by God’s Son when He suffered, died, and was buried and then rose again. Long ago, the old Psalmist sang, “As for me, I shall see Your face in righteousness, I will be [fully] satisfied when I awake [to find myself]seeing your likeness,” Psalms 17:15.


So, now you can handle any problem or bad time, knowing that in the end you win; financial, physical, emotional tough times — you can outlast these and in heaven you will start over! You will be restored to perfection which the Lord originally intended. Actually, the whole universe will be restored ... where there is no evil or sickness and death.

And waiting for you will be your Saviour, the resurrected Jesus. We shall be so satisfied to see Him face-to-face, knowing we shall never die.

What a “resurrected rock” to hold on to until we meet in that world that is without end!


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