Man rescued from Garvin Heights after leaving trail




A man was rescued from the side of Garvin Heights after he got stuck after straying from the trail.

According to Winona Fire Department (WFD) Assistant Fire Chief Joel Corcoran, on Saturday, March 25, at 3:48 p.m., firefighters responded to help a man who was unable to get up or down the side of Garvin Heights. Corcoran said that the man was hiking up the trail that wraps around the bluff when he left the trail and was trying to go up the side of the hill. Coordinating with law enforcement, the firefighters propelled to the man from above. Corcoran said that the hill was steep and the ground was slick with the cold weather and wet mud.

The firefighters were able to hook the man into a harness and bring him to the top of Garvin Heights. Corcoran said that the man was very cold, but wasn’t transported to the hospital. 


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