A Matter of Faith: God bless America?


From: David Foss

Why should God bless America when the majority of Americans are disobedient to His Holy Word? As parents, do we shower our children with blessings after they have been disobedient or have told us that they hate us? The disrespectful actions of adults, teenagers, and children have become increasingly alarming. Shameful disrespect and hatred for God permeates America. Here is some proof:

America’s sitcoms make a mockery of God and Biblical Christians.

America’s abomination (abortion) is preferred and prevalent.

America’s anti-Christian, bigoted, atheistic organizations are prevalent.

Many of America’s senators, congressmen and representatives unashamedly vocalize their loathsomeness for God and Biblical Christians.

America’s ongoing disrespect for God-fearing pastors and Biblical Christians.

America’s growing number of satanic and possessed agents trying to rid America of any vestige of God.

Americans’ desire to please themselves, not God.

America’s choice of following man’s “wisdom” before God’s wisdom.

America’s rejection and non-conformity to God’s Holy Word.

America’s unrighteous demagogues are becoming more noteworthy than God and His righteousness.

America’s diabolical army of immoral decadency vehemently opposes any semblance of good, and is attempting to censor and intimidate all religious citizens.

America’s Godly, Biblical preaching and teaching is being replaced by heresy and traditions of man.

America’s abomination could fill volumes. These listed are but a few. Knowing that so many evils exist, should we expect God to bless America?

One satanic-led organization has wickedly said that the phrase “God bless America” communicates a hurtful, divisive message. These corrupt individuals obviously hate God so much that they have become void of any logical reasoning.

Would God say that our media and news coverage is “pro-God”? How about our television programs, Hollywood, the music industry, people in government?

Many Americans are embarrassed to even mention God, unless a major tragedy were to come upon them. It’s not enough to put out signs that say, “God bless America.” In order for God to bless America, America absolutely and unequivocally needs a change of heart. This miraculous change can only come from God.

More and more Americans are listening to the voices of evildoers, rather than listening to the voices of good. God is our best friend, yet more and more Americans are expressing their hatred of Him.

Why should God bless America when the majority of us have not uttered a peep in defense of the righteous? Since the unrighteous speak boldly and defiantly, the voice of righteousness should be overwhelmingly bolder, but non-defiant. Can we say that America is not a nation that embraces too much abomination? Can we say that there is not a hostile tirade against God and Biblical Christians in America? Will God bless America just because we put signs saying so in our front yards? What is truly needed for a genuine change, are hearts that long for the things of God, and not the things of the world. When God miraculously transforms our hearts, then we can put out our signs hat say, “God bless America!”

Ponder II Chronicles 7:14.


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