A Matter of Faith: Bring Christ back into Christmas


From: David Foss

What has happened to the Christ of Christmas? Stores are not playing the songs the bring honor and glory to His name. Now, we hear only songs that express words of a nonentity: Santa Claus and a red-nosed reindeer. This un-recognition of Christ should be very upsetting to all Christians.

The Christ of Christmas is the Creator of everything; He is the Creator of all life, of everything we see, hear, taste, smell and touch. He is the Creator of everything that is yet to come: a new Heaven, a new Earth and our heavenly bodies.

Everyone needs the Christ of Christmas. Without Him, we are without hope. Thank God it is impossible to totally get rid of Him. Christ has been, and always will be, the reason for the Christmas season. This fact will never changed, is spite of those who hate Him. He is the Christ of scripture; He is past, present and future. He is non-ending; He is perfection. Therefore, for the haters of God to demand that Christ be replaced by an imperfect, nonexistent Santa Claus is just perverse.

Why is there so little outcry to this demonic wickedness? Just a few are vehemently trying to prevent Christ’s name from being spoken, from being seen on the printed page. The people are winning, using their evil tactics. Why? Because good people (who far outnumber the enemies of Christ) passively sit on their haunches and do nothing.

Does it make any sense that only one percent of those who are told “Merry Christmas” are actually offended by this pleasant greeting, and have the power to get a store’s manager to tell their employees not to wish others a merry Christmas, in fear of that one person being offended? What absurdity!

How can saying “Merry Christmas!” offend anyone? Christ has not — and never will — do anything to offend us, but all of us have offended Him with the sin in our lives. How can replacing the good in something ever result in more good?

Any store manager couldn’t help but realize the preposterousness of such a request. It would be clear that to appease one naysayer while provoking the other 99 to discontentment is a very foolish decision. Would such a thing be good for business? Does the lone ranger have a twin?

Come on Mr. Store Manager and Mr. CEO! If the voice of only one person concerns you, shouldn’t you have a much greater concern for the rest? The Christ-haters are not a majority; they’re barely a minute minority.

Wake up America! Without Christ we will be a people most miserable. Read I Corinthians 15:19. Without God-fearing voices, we encourage these vexed few to continue on with their heinousness. The voice of righteousness must be heard if we are to bring the Christ back into Christmas.

Ponder Romans 1:16, Mark 8:38.


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