A Matterof Faith: The Holy Mass


From: Mary Zimmerman

I don’t remember speaking out on behalf of the holy sacrifice of the mass. For us Catholics it’s regarded as the highest form of prayer. We should never really look upon mass as an obligation, but rather a privilege.

Jim just asked me last night, “When are we going to daily mass again?” We are so honored to have the grace of meeting God daily in communion. The Eucharist Liturgy (mass) is also the summit of our life, like the mountain peaks for a climber. The Eucharist is the efficacious sign of unity between mankind and God. The Blessed Mother once said to a visionary, “Offer your sorrows, your pain, your hopes, your sadness and joys, your petitions. Remember that the mass has infinite value; therefore, be generous in offering and in asking.”

The whole church celebrates the mass, not just the priest alone. Even a priest celebrating mass on a deserted island would not be alone; the angels and saints in Heaven would be in attendance, worshiping the Lord.

Jim doesn’t quite realize we may never be able to attend daily mass again, but thanks to our children we have never missed a Sunday mass other than a couple times when Jim didn’t feel able to go. So great and grace-filled is mass, it offends God greatly when we miss attending.

When Jesus gathered with his 12 apostles at the last supper, he said the first mass; praying over some bread he said, “This is my body.” When praying over wine, he said, “This is my blood.” This grace has now been passed onto priests.

I remember reading in Jesus’ day some just walked away. That was just too much for them to fathom. WE must realize Jesus worked so many other miracles — bringing people back to life, etc. — why question this one? I hope you are among those who would respond, “Lord, where should we go? You have the words of eternal life.” If you have walked away, Jesus is inviting you back in the same way as the prodigal son — regardless of what his son had done, his father went to meet him as he came home. It’s the same with Jesus in the Divine Mercy image; you see his foot stepping out toward you, he meets you where you’re at. If you have remained his friend he is delighted, if you have broken that friendship he invites you back with open arms.

In closing I’d like to add some worthwhile advice I came upon:

“If you live only for yourself, you become lost in sin. If you live in sweetness and kindness for others, you become surrounded by the love of others and of God, and the new peace and joy you will increasingly feel is inexpressible.

You do not have to go out looking for ways to serve people. Just take an interest in those people whom God places in your path, and they will be many! Simply show those people patience and love, and your life and world will be transformed.

Try it. You will immediately see beautiful results.”


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