A Matter of Faith: Tradition versus truth


From: David Foss

If we took a baby into the office of a CEO, would the baby understand his questionnaire for admittance to the company? Could a baby understand the following?

• Do you realize that you are not perfect?

• Do you know there is a penalty for every mistake you make?

• Are you aware that I (the CEO) will take the full penalties of your mistakes?

• Do you know I am the only one who can forgive you for said mistakes?

• Do you accept the fact that I am your ONLY boss?

In order to become a member of the company a baby must clearly understand and answer such questions.

This CEO may make an exception to his rules from time to time, but God will never make exceptions to what He has stated and commanded in His word.

To be able for anyone to become a child of God and be given the assurance of eternal life in Heaven, according to God’s word, they need to know:

• They are a sinner

• There is a penalty for sin

• Jesus Christ has paid, in full, the debt for their sins

• Without a doubt that Jesus is real

• How to accept Jesus as their Savior

Could a baby know all that?

We must be old enough to understand God’s truths, and to make an individual decision to accept or reject what Jesus has told us we need to do to be saved. Assurance of salvation will only be given if we have followed God’s command: His way biblically, not the traditional way of man.

Where did infant baptism come from? From God, or from man? It is of utmost importance that we take some time to read what God has said about baptism. Only then will we know the truth. We must know God’s truth. How dreadful it would be for us to go into eternity believing that tradition has saved us from eternal damnation.

What will you choose? Tradition … or truth?
Ponder Mark 7:6-9, 13.


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