A Matter of Faith: Where is Charles Manson?


From: Jamie Smith

And what is he doing now that he is dead?

Most of Christendom believes that he has begun an endless existence of conscious torment. They believe that he now has some sort of indestructible body which God’s spirit keeps alive even through burning. At some point he will again be resurrected only to be damned, and once again sent into eternal conscious torment. Other Christians believe that he is now annihilated, never to exist again.

What does Scripture declare? It seems to declare something else altogether.


As I understand Scripture and the English, Hebrew and Greek languages, death is the opposite life. Death is not a transition into another life. Death is a return to the state that one was in prior to one’s conception in the mother’s womb. Oblivion. That is where Mr. Manson is currently. The spirit returns to God. The body returns to its elements. Soul returns to the unseen (Sheol/Hades). That is where every human who has died is currently residing. They are in the death state.

What of Mr. Manson’s future? He will be raised at the end of the impending age. One can read about those events in “The Unveiling of Jesus Christ” (The Revelation). Judgment of him will occur. He wont be damned for his sin, that was taken away by the sacrifice of the Son of God’s love. He took away the sin of the world (John 1:29). 


Charles will, however, be judged for his actions. Those actions will bring to him correcting chastisement. He seems to be one that will experience the second death as an additional corrective measure. He will return to the death state. At the consummation (1 Cor. 15:20-28) at the end of the ages, in Christ he will be vivified beyond the reach of death. His victims will have been raised and restored. Since his victims are raised, where is the murder charge? He will be justified (Rom. 5:17,18) due to Christ’s work according to God’s plan of redemption.

This scenario is contrary to modernism. Christendom has adapted itself to Western thought, bringing in much of Greek philosophy, so much so that one can often not tell Greek thought from Christian thought.

Is Christ’s death effective for all or not? Did God’s plan of redemption fail in the case of Charles Manson?

But for God’s grace, we would be Mansons. If you do not think so, it is pride in flesh that has a grip on understanding. Who will be more pitifully sorry and repentant than a raised, sane and aware Mr. Manson? Who will be more thankful and joyful when he has an endless happy residence? Who will have a cause to love God more? Charles Manson will be in love with his Savior.

Mission accomplished.


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