A Matter of Faith: Make today count


From: Mary Zimmerman

Not only should we make today count, we must train ourselves to live for the moment, otherwise we might find our life coming to an end, having missed the joy of the day. Maybe you are thinking, “What joy?” There is joy in this world, we just have to discover it and rejoice in it.

We often use the phrase, “I can’t wait for … (spring, Christmas, lunch, etc.)” In April, when snow and stormy weather hit Winona, most of us were thinking, “I can’t wait for summer!” But we should revel in the moment. Make use of the day that you are given, because soon it will pass into eternity, never to return, so make it count! Just because you weren’t able to go fishing, or do some of the things you may have wanted, it’s not the end of the world. God is with us and he has a plan. Perhaps He wanted us to spend one more day in prayer, or doing the Deeds of Mercy. Pope Francis says, “Today, we need to see the LIGHT OF HOPE, and to be men and women who bring hope to others.”

Try not to just live for the future, or dwell in the past. I confess, I’m guilty of both. I’m always a little anxious to see my letter in the Saturday Winona Post, and which one it is (I’m so far ahead in my writing). I also look forward to shopping with Lynette.

Years ago, when going through a major depression, I wasted so much time wanting to go back in time and be a better mother. I’ve come to realize that just can’t happen — we have to leave the past to the mercy of God and should try each and every day to do what’s right and good. However, we are still bound to fail now and then, but God understands our fallen nature, and waits patiently for us to apologize and try once more. We have a great God, full of love and mercy, so don’t ever think your sins are greater than His capacity to forgive and cherish us all.

This life passes us by so very quickly. I have memories from when I was around six years old, when my brother Melvin (eight) passed on to his reward in Heaven. I didn’t rejoice with him at first, only thought of how much I missed him. Now, at 85, I look back and wonder where the time really went, and how much things have changed in this world — from outdoor toilets and round tubs for our weekly baths to indoor plumbing.

All in all, the reason for this article is to remind people we are all God’s children, and as such, He wants us to do the right thing. Don’t follow the whims of the world, but use your time wisely to know and do the will of God every day. Then you’ll have the consolation of knowing you made your day, and ultimately your life, count.

P.S. Today at Mass Father Jim sang to us, “Rain, rain, go away” — and it did! Sometimes, because of our prayers, God does change His mind about things. I’ll never forget this one night, years ago, our son was scheduled to shoot off fireworks. Rain was forecasted, and it looked like it would be coming down soon. I prayed as I looked at the dark clouds in the sky and said Jesus, I trust in you. The dark clouds disappeared, and it didn’t rain!


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