A Matter of Faith: What did Jesus believe?


From: Jamie Smith

Faith of Jesus Christ — Ga. 3:22, Ro. 3:22. Caution: some translations have inappropriately changed “of” to “in,” very deceiving.

So, what did Jesus believe? In particular, what did Jesus believe that His work would actually accomplish for any one person? Suppose there was only one person created: Malcom.

God loved Malcom and wanted Malcom to believe in Him and love Him back. Rather than convince Malcom, God’s “wise” plan was to leave it up to Malcom whether that would happen. To give Malcom the opportunity, He sent His Son down to suffer and die, but not to save. That was up to Malcom. When Jesus died on the cross He believed that His work would lead Malcom to God. In the end it did not happen. Malcom was sent to Hell where God tormented him without end. Jesus Christ’s faith, work and suffering were in vain.

Or rather, did Jesus trust His God and Father to accept Christ’s sacrifice for the sake of ungodly Malcom? This was done without Malcom’s permission. Christ had faith that He would cultivate, through Father’s spirit, a love within ungodly Malcom that would overwhelm him. Father’s spirit, in due time, would have no problem at all doing that — it wouldn’t even breathe hard.

One scenario brings all glory to God and His Son — none to man. One scenario displays them as evil, feckless, hand-wringing failure-saviors.

In any reasonable assessment, it would be unwise for the God who is love to create something that might not succeed and so require the Creator to torture His creation endlessly. It would not only be unwise, it would be insane.

(CLV) Jn.12:32: “And I, if I should be exalted out of the earth, shall be drawing all to Myself.”

(CLV) Lk. 3:6: “And all flesh shall see the salvation of God.”

(CLV) 2 Ch. 20:6: “... are You not the Elohim of the heavens? You are ruling over all the kingdoms of the nations ... and no one is able to stand up against You.”

In the end God will get you (in a good way). It is not up to you. It is in accord with His will. You won’t be able to resist.


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