Jim Trotter retires from radio


Trotter has graced Winona’s airwaves since 1979

Jimmy Carter was in the Oval Office. Rocky II was in theaters. Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” was newly released. “Three’s Company” was the top TV show. Jim Trotter started working at Winona Radio. It was 1979.

After nearly 40 years, Jim Trotter has announced his immediate retirement from radio. In recent conversations with coworkers he had stated that he’d stay on until “they make me leave,” but for personal reasons Trotter officially stated on Friday, September 21, that he was “hanging up the headphones.”

His longtime employers, Jerry and Pat Pappenfuss, said in a statement, “Jim’s retirement marks the end of an era in Southeast Minnesota and Western Wisconsin radio. Jim’s dedication to his listeners, his advertisers and the community was incredible.

“Jim’s heart was in what he did. Every day he told his listeners what he thought they should know. Jim’s listeners knew he was taking care of them, and his listeners truly cared about Jim.
“Jim was a leader. When we got a new piece of equipment Jim was the first one to learn how to use it and shared his knowledge with the rest of the staff.

We understand Jim’s commitment and dedication to his wonderful wife Polly.”

Current Leighton Broadcasting Operations Manager Amy Foxx stated, “Working with Jim has been pure delight. He has the best attitude, a great sense of humor, and is a joy to be around. From ownership changes to format changes and learning new technology — he took it all in stride and eagerly faced those challenges. He got up early, drove through all types of weather and was never late or called in sick. It was obvious that he absolutely loved what he did. I regularly hear comments about how much people have loved listening to him on the radio.
He means a great deal to us and to the Winona community.”

Until permanent plans are made for his morning show at KG Country AM1380/FM 101.5 — TJ Leverentz will be filling in starting next week from 6 to 9 a.m. TJ will also be doing the 11:30 local newscast each day. The Partyline program will no longer be aired.


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