The Green Grocer: Take back your taste buds!



More sugar, more salt, more fat. Research has long exposed these to be among the primary evils of eating out. But recently a colleague of mine noted something else. “The more we eat out,” she told me, “the more exciting we expect our food to be.”

This thought hit me like a ton of blueberries. Increased expectations of food, while not as easily measured or defined as sugar, salt, and fat content, are just as dangerous. Increased expectations of food can lead to desensitized taste buds and bored palates, cravings for salt and fat, or, perhaps worst of all, the loss of some of our simplest pleasures.

Since we’re exactly in the perfect season to do something about this, I suggest we take back our taste buds! Rather than a recipe to try, here’s a challenge for you: go to the farmers market this week. Buy something to eat raw, and buy something to lightly saute. Notice the taste. Celebrate the unadulterated flavor. And repeat.

P.S. The co-op is also taking orders for cases of blueberries! There’s nothing like a handful of fresh blueberries to wake up your taste buds and remind them that enough is enough!


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