A Matter of Faith: Without excuse


From: David Foss

Since deception is becoming more and more prevalent around the world, and since it is gaining a strong foothold in more and more churches, we concerned should all bring to the world yet another reminder of this dire dilemma. Many more are being added to the multitude of those led astray by the deception of man.

When people have been indoctrinated with untruthfulness al their lives, they eventually end up believing they are right are the rest of the world is wrong. When untruthfulness is presented to those who are completely illiterate when it comes to Scripture, they are easily fooled into accepting anything that is not of scripture. If they are taught falsehood from a very young age, they will believe with certainty those falsehoods to be truths. Anything that is actual truth will sound foreign and unacceptable to them. Error remains their “truth.”

If deceived parents pass on such untruths as fact to their own children, they cycle will continue. Without the intervention of God’s Holy Spirit, it is going to be nigh on impossible to change the hearts and minds of these people when falsehood has been soundly fixed into them for generations.

There are untold millions attending churches where God’s word is not being expounded upon truthfully. How has this diabolism come upon us? It has engulfed us because people have not read, not understood the word of God. Clergymen of many churches preach and teach form a book other than the Bible, and many tell us not to read from the Bible. When this happens, it is time to say good-bye to them for good.

How can we stop this worldwide deception? We can pray that God will touch and convict the hearts of those who are preaching and teaching falsehood. We can warn and show the deceived (with verses from the Bible) that what they believe in is not scriptural.

After we’ve been shown our error, it is up to us to either accept or reject what Scripture tells us. When using the Bible, one’s deception should be easily revealed. Even so, many will continue going down the Devil’s road. Why? Here are a few reasons:

• They are fearful of infuriating and/or upsetting the clergymen, family, and members of the church.
• They are also fearful of rejection from these people.
• They don’t want to join a different church after so much time spent in their own.
• Accepting the truth of Scripture would convict them of their sin.
• They may not think it’s important enough to change their ways.

When someone warns us of inevitable calamity, should we become angry with that person? Absolutely not! However, many people do when they are warned of diabolical deception and their lost condition, even though this warning is the most crucial warning of all!

The key to opening our eyes to falsehood is to know Scripture so that we will clearly realize when we are being deceived. The more knowledgeable we become of Scripture, the more readily falsehoods will become obvious to us.

What can change the heart of someone who has relied on the worthlessness of falsehood, of tradition, of sacraments? God’s Bible and His Holy Spirit can do the impossible! Even though many have fled churches that fed them damnable invention, most are still being held captive by Satan’s deception of falsehood, tradition, and sacrament.

It is of utmost importance that we keep waning those who are being deceived, including the deceivers. If we do, these people will soon become aware of their lost condition, error of their ways, and eternal destination. What a joyful moment it will be once they know God’s truth and are without excuse.

Ponder John 8:31-32, Galatians 5:1, Titus 2:7-8, I Timothy 4:13, and Galatians 4:16.


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