A Matter of Faith: Catholics come home


From: Mary Zimmerman

I’ve been writing for such a long time I can’t recall if I have already entitled a letter, “Catholics come home.” If I did, please let this be a second reminder. To all my Protestant readers: if you have wandered away I invite you to come back home to your church as well. God doesn’t want His churches empty. They’re His home — a special place to gather, pray, and praise our all-merciful God. We need to come together as ecumenical people. Let us build bridges across our differences to come together as God’s holy people.

For whatever reason you may have left your parish, please consider coming back; so much hangs in the balance. We just never know when our clock will stop. Don’t let past sins tell you God can’t possibly forgive you. That’s the voice of Satan. Let the voice of God’s mercy penetrate your heart. He says, “Souls that make an appeal to my mercy delight me. To such souls, I grant even more graces than they ask! I cannot punish even the greatest sinners if they make an appeal to my passion, but on the contrary, I justify them in my unfathomable mercy.”

Jesus said to Saint Faustina, “He who refuses to pass through the door of mercy must pass through the door of my justice,” (Diary, 1,146).

Maybe you have legitimate, negative feeling toward a priest, the church, or God; however, it breaks my heart that you’re holding onto that negativity. If a priest or nun has acted inappropriately, please try not to hold it against the whole church, and especially not God. They will be punished if they fail to repent; don’t let it put your own soul in jeopardy. Sometimes forgiveness doesn’t come easy, but think of Jesus, praying to His Heavenly Father to forgive those who nailed Him to a cross. Just remember how we had a hand in that, too.

Please join me in praying for souls. The Blessed Mother said souls go to Hell for lack of prayer. There are a lot of things in this world we cannot control, but we can help save souls. Jim and I pray every day for all those that are going to pass — most especially those not in a state of grace. Come on folks! Let’s empty the prisons and fill the churches. Catholics come home; I’m praying for you.

“Today is the day I quit worrying about what I don’t have and start being grateful for all the wonderful things God has already given me. I’ll remember that to worry is just a waste of time because my faith in God and His Divine Plan ensures everything will be just fine.”


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