A Matter of Faith: Making friends with the dead


From: Mary Zimmerman

My guess is you’re thinking, “What kind of title is that?!” Well, that’s what God gave me, so we’ll see what he wants me to say.

After some extensive reading of “Praying with the Saints for the Holy Souls in Purgatory” by Susan Tassone, I know God wants me to again talk about the dead — specifically the poor souls in Purgatory.

We all like and appreciate our good friends in this world, but have you ever thought about making friends with the dead? After what I’ve just learned, I feel a real urge to connect and befriend the souls that have left this world for the next. Just how is that possible, you may ask. I can’t call them on the phone or write them a letter, so for me, it’s through prayer. They are in a position of being unable to help themselves, and your prayers do help them. They want to be your dear friend, most especially if you have helped them open up the door to Heaven. They want to help you get there as well; don’t wait for just your earthly friends to pray for you. It’s not wrong to pray, or have masses said for yourself while remembering your family in the same way. If masses and prayers go Heavenward while you’re on Earth, chances are you won’t be so in need after your death.

What can we do to help ourselves and other poor souls? God has given us so much to do in His honor. Try to figure out God’s will for you, and then do it! All you have to do is listen. I know for me it’s writing articles for the Winona Post that will hopefully help people find their way to Heaven. Sometimes I think my articles come from Heaven (with the power of the Holy Spirit guiding my hand) more than anything. I also know I’m meant to lovingly and patiently care for my husband Jim. Having had a major stroke over a year ago, it can be quite challenging at times but I know God is helping me. Jim’s many thank yous help so much. This time has actually brought us closer together as we pray and love our children and grandchildren.

I just finished reading the book, “Praying with the Saints for the Holy Souls in Purgatory,” and God wants me to do a report on it for you. This book has touched my heart in such a way I know I’ll never let a day go by without thoughts and prayers for the souls in Purgatory. As I looked at the obituary in the Daily News I saw ages 66, 77, 82 and 84. I thought to myself, there’s no time to waste! I better get going on praying people out of Purgatory, making friends with the dead, and benefitting from their prayers in return!


I’ve received a fresh understanding of God’s grade of faith, hope and love. I’ll never stop thanking and praising our good God for these gifts. My faith gives me hope for the salvation of our dearly loved family.

I continue to have masses said for our son Duane, killed in 1976. It’s hard to have these masses locally since the priests’ schedules are usually full. I suggest if you are in the same position, you send them to a mission; they will gladly say your mass requests. They are so desperately in need of donations. I send mine to Tim Mulroy/Columban Fathers, P.O. Box 10, St. Columbus, Neb., 68056.


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