A Matter of Faith: Beyond daftness


From: David Foss

Can you imagine a family member saying, “I am so angry! Some members of my family REFUSE to gamble, booze it up, take drugs, lie, cheat, hate, and live immorally! They love anyone who stands up for what is right and good — how disgusting!” I think not.

Just two generations ago, those who were not accepting and practicing bad behavior were highly respected. Now such individuals are despised. Bad behavior is considered good, while good behavior is thought of as evil.

Some people actually want to vote for conservatives. How “extreme!” Some want to vote for those who stand for anti-abortion laws. How “uncaring!” Some even want to vote for a Christian. How “imbecilic!”

Bad behavior has crept upon us very stealthily year after year. This abhorrent behavior has come upon us almost unknowingly. We have obviously not noticed the horrific difference between the former years compared with the present; however, if we could view the America of two generations ago, the noticeable difference in the behavior of our citizens would be quite shocking and obvious. Detrimental behavior just isn’t shocking anymore because we have become slowly desensitized to all kinds of immoral behavior.

We might say that we wouldn’t be foolish enough to willingly approve of, accept, or practice improper behavior, but we’d be wrong. We are all living lives that would be deemed highly improper less than two generations ago, when good behavior was highly esteemed. Unbeknownst to many, we have become a nation that loves evil.

So, what can we expect to befall upon a nation that is wantonly pursuing, accepting, and practicing bad behavior?

Yes folks, what has taken, and is taking place in America is beyond daftness.

Ponder Isaiah 1:4 and 5:20, Psalm 9:17, Jeremiah 7:28, and Proverbs 17:15.


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