Matter of Faith: Invest in the world or God?


From: Mary Zimmerman

I think, with the winds of the world blowing as they are, people are being blown around in circles, sometimes investing in God, praying, doing deeds of mercy, etc. Other times … maybe I need to mention the word “hell” once more (I don’t want to, but I think God does) in case you are not investing your time in God.

I want you to imagine you are in the middle of doing something, and all of a sudden you have this vision: on one side you see the most beautiful surroundings and notice on a door it says “Heaven.” Everyone is so happy and loving one another and angels are flying around. You notice one smiling at you, and somehow you know that’s your guardian angel. Then, you move your head in the other direction, and are made aware of this terrible, suffering place of pain, hatefulness, and despair. Over this place, a sign reads “Hell.” I’d think just one experience like this would last a lifetime, and whoever saw such a vision would want to live out their life investing in God. If more people envisioned such a thing, churches would be full and the commandments wouldn’t be broken. Most will never receive such visions; however, some HAVE seen the likes of Hell: Sister Faustina Gloria Polo; and Sondra Abrahams, a visionary from Louisiana who came to Winona years ago to share her experience.

My thought is that there is nothing in this world worth surrendering out souls for. Gloria Polo will tell you that as well — she was taken to the brink of Hell. Dr. Gloria Polo was a dentist in Bogota, Columbia. One day something extraordinary happened: she was on her way to work with her nephew when a storm came in. As they took shelter they were both struck by lightening. Her nephew was killed. Gloria was badly burned outside and inside her body, to the point where she entered into the next world. God showed her how she’d broken all the commandments and had totally invested everything into this world. Gloria felt immeasurable shame and pain as she cried out, “Jesus Christ, Lord, have compassion for me. Forgive me Lord; give me a second chance.” Gloria goes on to say that was the most beautiful moment: “I have no words to describe that moment; God came and pulled me out of that pit and told me with all His love, ‘You will go back. You will have a second chance. But you will not repeat your experience 1000 times, but 1000 times 1000 times. Woe to those who don’t change their ways despite having heard you, because they will be judged much more severely.’”

Gloria now has the grace to invest in God. She now tells her story in many different countries around the world, and ahs the approval of her diocese in Bogota, Columbia, and her spiritual director. Gloria’s testimony should help us to ask for the grace to invest in God. He gave her a second chance, and He wants to give that chance to take away our own investment in the world (sins) through confession. Invest instead in God’s mercy and Heaven. If you are interested in Gloria’s book, “Struck by Lightning,” call Mary at 507-452-2570.


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