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From: David Foss

God must be grieved and angry at Man’s stubbornness and foolishness. Man is stubborn because he can be told, repeatedly, of obvious error, yet stubbornly refuses to admit it or turn from it. Man is foolish because he will continue to hold onto that which is indisputably contrary to God’s Word (Romans 16:17-18 and Matthew 7:15).

The Bible says in John 1:29B, “Behold the Lamb of God which taketh away the sin of the world.” Yes, Jesus Christ did die for the sins of the world, but He did not say because God gave His Son to die for our sins that everyone would serve Him in His eternal kingdom in Heaven.
God has some prerequisites for eternal life in Heaven:
• John 3:16
• Acts 16:31
• I John 5:13
• John 5:24
• John 5:47
• John 11:25-26

God’s Word clearly states that we must believe! More significant verses for you to read include Romans 3:23, Romans 6:23A, Romans 5:8, John 6:40, Luke 13:3, and I John 5:11-12.

Are we to believe that the butchers of mankind (Saddam Hussein, Hitler, Osama bin Laden, etc.) will also be serving our Lord and Savior in Heaven? No way, Jose.

Regardless of what the deceivers of God’s Word say, God will not allow evil men and women into Heaven. Only those who have done as God has directed will be allowed to go through the pearly gates. We can state, matter-of-factly, no matter what the wolves in sheep’s clothing proclaim, unsaved individuals will not be walking the streets of gold. Please understand: God doesn’t send anyone to Hell — we send ourselves. Isaiah 45:22 We make the choice. I Timothy 2:4 Again, WE make the decision to be saved or not. God does not force anyone to seek His forgiveness.

God does not want anyone to spend eternity in Hell, so He has placed many verses of warning for those who are lost to be found in the Bible: John 3:36, II Thessalonians 1:8-9, John 3:18, Isaiah 33:14, Daniel 12:2, and Matthew 25:46. We know that those who do not believe are lost, and are going to Hell because God states this warning many times in His Word. Only a wolf in sheep’s clothing, having read all of God’s Word, could come to the incorrect conclusion that there is no Hell. II Timothy 4:3-4

It is surely an abomination to God when someone knowingly states pure falsehood as fact. For example: “Well Jesus Christ died for the sins of the world, so nobody will be sent to Hell regardless of what kind of life we lead.” God says this is a lie. Are we to believe our truthful God or the lies of man?

Please take the time to look up all the verses mentioned in this article. It is of crucial importance because where we spend eternity is at stake. Don’t just read John 1:29B; read the rest of the story!

Ponder Matthew 7:13-14.


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