Matter of Faith: Essential perfection


From: Philip Sorensen

The first astronaut to circle the moon is said to have exclaimed as he saw planet earth come into view, “In the beginning, God …” quoting Genesis 1:1. When God finished his creative works, he said, “It’s good [perfect].” The first man and woman were made in God’s image, without a flaw. So what happened? Why is the world in such a mess?

Man listened to the devil who, desiring to be as God, chose to go his own independent way. The good became flawed and imperfect and evil took over. Man’s rebellion has not only robbed him of a relationship with his Creator, but brought death and destruction to everything around him. The resulting chaos has meant wars, famines, disease and sickness, natural disasters and calamities. Man has played God, made his own rules, ending up hopelessly confused and helpless. Not good!

I am glad that this world as we know it is not my home, I am just passing through. I am looking forward to that “city” whose builder and maker is God, where there are no more tears or fears. No more sickness or death. No eye has seen nor ear heard, nor can we imagine what wonderful things God has prepared for those who love him — perfect! Heaven is a prepared place for prepared people. Are you prepared?


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