Live for Today, Plan for Tomorrow


A free education series entitled Live for Today, Plan for Tomorrow is co-hosted by Elder Network, Live Well Winona, and Wesley United Methodist Church. Classes are on Thursdays from 5:30-6:30 p.m. at 619 Huff Street, Winona.

For information and registration call Elder Network Program Coordinator Kori Iverson at 507-452-0580.

Why would I ever need a social worker?
September 6

Presented by Charissa Easton, Winona State University.

Your age is just a number!
September 13

Robin Devinney, Winona State University, will discuss how everyone does not age at the same rate; your genes and the environment interact.

OMG, is there anything I CAN eat?
September 20

Nadine Bayer, Winona Volunteer Services, will show you how to choose a diet that is best for you.

Keep it, sell it, or let it go?
September 27

Presented by Amanda Hedlund, Habitat for Humanity.

Yoga for everyone 

October 4
This session will be held at Wesley United Methodist Church, 114 West Broadway, and will be presented by Jennifer Monsos, Simplicity Wellness.

Gut health 

October 11
Dr. Robert S. Picchiotti, Infinity Chiropractic & Yoga, will explain how what you eat and don’t eat can literally change your life.

Elder scams
October 18

Learn about common Internet scams, identity theft, and how to protect yourself. This is presented by Bridget Klinger, Winona Police Department.

Dementia versus Alzheimer’s disease
October 25

Rich Deyo, Winona State University, will be discussing dementia and other conditions that can be confused with Alzheimer’s disease and the steps that people may wish to take if presented symptoms in these areas. 


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