Athletic Club



Mankato Bar195

A.C. Two168


Athletic Club1212

Boomer's Plumbing1014

High game: Tom Bell, 269; High series: Tom Bell, 660; High team game: A.C. Two, 866; High team series: Mankato Bar, 2,479; Errorless: Tom Bell, 660.


Silver Eagle Trucking115

D & D106

AC Misfits88

Bay State Milling313

High team: Diane Cordes, D & D, 170; High series: Lori Lisowski, AC Misfits, 483; High team game: Bay State Milling, 638; High team series: Bay State Milling, 1,802.


S & H Customz93

Rather B Ripski's93

Harbor Bums57



Eco Water48

High game: Jeff Serwa, Eco Water, 233, and Barb Brandes, Rather B Ripski's, 211; High series: Jeff Serwa, Eco Water, 624, and Barb Brandes, Rather B Ripski's, 535; High team game: Eco Water, 946; High team series: Eco Water, 2,594.


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